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Hello everybody!

This is my personal website, started as an exercise of HTML, CSS and imaging techniques. But it suddenly got a twist and grew much bigger in size and significance, which I hardly had expected. And to reach the target, i.e. to give something interesting to the viewers, a lot of effort has been employed.

All the conent on this website is developed solely by me. Being a fan of the Open Source Community, I insist you all to use any content available here freely, if it interests you. You even have the freedom to modify and distribute it freely.

The content on this site is being updated regularly. So please keep an eye on the homepage.

My Web Presence

My Blog - aniket.wordpress.com
My Music Portal - members.lycos.co.uk/anikets

Favourite Links:

This is a free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. Type any word in the search box on this site to get an article on it. You'll surely find a lot of information you want on it.

How Stuff Works
This site covers many interesting topics. Basically how it's about how a thing works.

W3 Schools
This is a very good site for learning web technologies such as HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Ajax, etc.

Mozilla Developer Center (MDC)
Life Hack
Web MD


Abhijit Rao (_quasi)

My cousin brother, he's a programmer. Photography and trekking are his passions.
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Farah Farooque (cOcO pRiNcEsS)

My friend right from the school days. She has a big image on the web, with a _huge_ number of her online friends.
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Prashant Acharekar (Percy)


Terms and conditions: All the content on this site is developed by Aniket Suryavanshi. There are no restrictions on the viewers to copy any material on this website and use it for any purpose you find suitable.
Last Update: 13 January, 2007